31 Days of Wicked Watching [DAY 30]: The Honorable Mentions

31 Days of Wicked Watching [DAY 30]: The Honorable Mentions

Tomorrow is reserved for John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and the icons of horror Michael Myers and Jamie Lee Curtis–the original scream queen. Today is a rundown of films that deserve some attention, and will eventually get some attention from this blog, in the Halloween season.

For viewing context, I will be prepping for tomorrow by watching other iterations of “Halloween” today, including, especially, Blumhouse’s reboot to the series. Which, if you haven’t seen the newest trailers for “Halloween Kills,” which sadly isn’t coming out until Halloween 2021, then you need to get on that. I’ll also be giving a view to sequels of my favorite franchise: “Scream.”

But, as promised, here the honorable mentions to the 31 days of wicked watching:
– Midsommer
– Host
– Saw
– The Birds
– The Babadook
– Insidious
– The Conjuring
– A Quiet Place
– Rec
– American Werewolf in London
– The VVitch
– Heredity
– Gingersnaps
– Rosemary’s Baby
– The Others
– Carrie (the original)
– The Ring
– Suspiria (the original)
– Last House on the Left (the original)
– It (the remake)
– Nosferatu
– Don’t Breathe

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