When it comes to research, I am interested in the intersection of news (and media) literacy and ethics, particularly as they relate to journalism’s discussion of itself, newsroom decision-making of content, values, and how this is then used to train high school and collegiate-level journalists. I am is tremendously interested in how the journalism industry has evolved the concepts of objectivity, bias, trust, and truth telling as it relates to issues of journalistic deviance.

I also have cognate interests that include horror films, media and sex, and mass communication pedagogy.

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I’m currently looking at a number of different ideas, which may become projects for conference papers or published works. They include:

  1. Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices
  2. Flaunting Bunnies and Grinding Honeys: Finding Hef and Flynt’s places in the boundaries of journalism
  3. Student journalist codes of ethics
  4. Sexstainability: Understanding Pornhub’s education washing and the implications of CSR practice and ethics

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