In detail, in studying journalism (media) as a moral institution, my research builds in four distinct areas that intersect and continue to evolve as I continue to question both my purpose and my practice as a scholar. These four areas include metajournalistic discourse, news (media) literacy, journalism (media) ethics, and journalistic (media) deviance.

Metajournalistic Discourse

I use metajournalistic discourse as a guiding framework to understand the institution of journalism, especially as it seeks to define, create boundaries, and legitimize itself.

Many of my projects rely on the components of this approach to provide commentary and establish understanding of journalism as an evolving institution.

News (Media) Literacy

My time as a teacher informs my research practices, which in this area often seek to provide applied research. I see this work as an opportunity to break outside of the ivory tower to provide opportunity for marginalized voices.

Projects in this area span humanistic and social scientific paradigms in an attempt to further civic and democratic outcomes through media use, practice, and knowledge.

My research identity

Journalism (Media) Ethics

The bulk of my work aims to understanding the normative values and roles of journalism and media through the lens of ethical practices. While I engage in theoretical labor in this area of research, most often the context of my projects are considerably more applied in nature.

My work in ethics often addresses actors within the journalism or media industries, as well as organizational concerns with codes of ethics or corporate social responsibility.

Journalistic (Media) Deviance

I am passionately interested in studying people (actors), places (publications/news rooms), and ideas (moral panic) that are perceived as deviant in journalism and media and by the general public.

This area reflects my desire to recognize the role of deviance in relation to public perception, journalistic/media norms and values, and educational underpinnings of media texts.

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I’m currently looking at a number of different ideas, which may become projects for conference papers or published works. They include:

  1. Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Practices
  2. Automated fact-checking in journalism
  3. Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt’s places in the boundaries of journalism
  4. Student journalist codes of ethics
  5. Sexstainability: Pornhub’s CSR practices and ethical decision-making
  6. Right-wing podcasting and journalistic authority
  7. Coverage of the Olympic anti-sex beds
  8. How Spice World warned us about tabloid journalism
  9. The ethics of adapting sexuality from journalism to film
  10. Children and adolescents’ learning of the social world
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