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Refereed Journal Articles

Foster, B., Mihailidis, P., Johnson, P. R., Burth, S., Tully, M., & Ramasubramanian, S. (special issue, abstract accepted). Designing Equitable Media Literacy Interventions for Critical Youth Agency. Global Studies of Childhood.

Johnson, P. R. (2023). A case of claims and Facts: Automated fact-checking the future of journalism’s authority. Digital Journalism.

Dowling, D. O., Johnson, P. R., & Ekdale, B. (2022). Hijacking journalism: Legitimacy and metajournalistic discourse in right-wing podcasts. Media and Communication, 10(3).

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Johnson, P. R. (2022). A snake in the grass: Adapting journalistic truth to the silver screen. Quarterly Review of Film and Video, ahead-of-print, 1-15.

Mihailidis, P., Ramasubramanian, S., Tully, M., Foster, B., Riewestahl, E., Johnson, P., & Angrove, S. (2021). Do media literacies approach equity & justice?. Journal of Media Literacy Education, 13(2), 1-14.

Book Chapters

Tully, M, & Johnson, P. R. News literacy and digital journalism. In Routledge Companion to Digital Journalism Studies (2nd edition). Routledge.

Johnson, P. R. & Tully, M. (2023). Can We Rebuild Broken Relationships? Examining Journalism, Social Media, and Trust in a Fractured Media Environment. In K. Fowler-Watt & J. McDougall (Eds.), Palgrave Handbook on Media Misinformation (pp. 279-295). Palgrave.

Johnson, P. R., Foster, B., Riewestahl, E., Tully, M., Ramasubramanian, S., & Mihailidis, P. (2022) Critical Media Literacy Practices for Equitable Futures: A Field Guide for ELA. In M. T. Christel & W. Kist (Eds.), Bringing Critical Media Literacy into ELA Classrooms (pp. 27-32). National Council of Teachers of English.

Ramasubramanian, S., & Johnson, P. R. (2022). Media and Learning of the Social World. In D. Lemish (Ed.), The Routledge International Handbook of Children, Adolescents, and Media (2nd edition) (pp. 277-284). Routledge.

Grant-funded Reports

Mihailidis, P., Ramasubramanian, S., Tully, M., Foster, B., Riewestahl, E., Johnson, P., & Angove, S.  (2021). Equity and impact in media literacy practice: Mapping the field in the United States. National Association of Media Literacy Educators.

Book Reviews

Johnson, P. R. (2022) Book Review: Journalistic Autonomy. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.

Johnson, P. R. (2022). Book review: The journalism manifesto. Journal of Communication Inquiry.

Johnson, P. R. (2021). Imagined audiences: How journalists perceive and pursue the public. Journal of Communication Inquiry.

Reviewed Essays and Commentary

Johnson, P. R. (publishing Oct. 2023). The legacy of Tom Brokaw: Revisiting an ethic of stability and trust in the Brokaw/Gorbachev interviews. Journalism History.

Johnson, P. R. (2022). Magazines that Made Me: Rolling Stone, Esquire, Playboy, Fangoria. Journal of Magazine Media, 22(1-2), 23-24.

Johnson, P. R. (2021). Media Literacy for Freedom: Activism for the Oppressed. Media Ethics Magazine, 33(1). <>.

Works in Progress (under review)

Johnson, P. R. (R&R). Journalistic champ or pornographic chum: Hefner and Flynt’s obituaries and the boundaries of journalism.

Johnson, P. R. (Under Review) Pornhub’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability content.

Johnson, P. R., Tully, M., Foster, B., Burth, S., Riewestahl, E., Mihailidis, P., & Ramasubramanian, S. (under review) Developing a framework for equitable media literacy practice: Voices from the field.

Burth, S., Riewestahl, E., Ramasubramanian, S., Foster, B., Johnson, P. R., Mihailidis, P., & Tully, M. (under review) The six Es of equitable media literacy practice.

Works in Progress (planning & writing)

Book-length projects

Tilley, C. C., & Johnson, P. R. Free and Fair: A Media Law and Ethics reader. (textbook in progress; current stage: educational material design and market research)

Mihailidis, P., Ramasubramanian, S., Tully, M., Foster, B., Johnson, P., Riewestahl, E., & Burth, S. (in progress). Equity and impact in media literacy practice.

Preparation for submission

Johnson, P. R. It’s (not) in the syllabus: Contradiction, construction, and taxonomic qualities of ethics in JMC syllabi.

Johnson, P. R., & Foster, B. They grow up and start dying: The construction of cultural authority and journalism boundaries through detachment/attachment in Fangoria.

Robinson, S., & Johnson, P. R.. Rectifying harm through care-based practices: How journalists contend with disengaged communities’ distrust.

Johnson, P. R., Darr, J. P., & Robinson, S. Journalism’s “White” Flight: Nuancing Political Polarization and Declining Trust in News.

Johnson, P. R. News Literacy and Democracy. Book chapter.

Johnson, P. R. Teaching the advanced media ethics course. Book chapter.

Johnson, P. R. Considering diversity, equity, and inclusion in media ethics teaching practice. Book chapter.

Johnson, P. R.. Sexual Communication. Book review.

Analysis stage

Johnson, P. R. The student journalist as defined by journalism program mission statements.

Johnson, P. R. Coverage of the anti-sex Olympiad.

Johnson, P. R., Tully, M., & Young, R. Contextualizing and defining the state of mixed methods in communication research.

Research design and data collection

Johnson, P. R. Pornhub’s education-washing of sustainability concepts.

Public Scholarship Projects

Trusting News

Press Pass Access with Tom Brokaw

Mapping Impactful Media Literacy Field Guide

Trade and Professional Publications

Darr, J., Johnson, P., & Muchna, M.  (2 September 2022). Research insights: What we learned testing an anti-polarization checklist with news consumers. Medium.

Johnson, P., Robinson, S., & Muchna, M. (22 August 2022). Research insights: Reaching and building trust with diverse audiences. Medium.

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Johnson, P. (11 January 2019). Here’s what one staff did to brand their Instagram account. JEA Digital Media. <>.

Johnson, P. (12 December 2018). I’m adviser Patrick Johnson, and this is our newsroom. JEA Digital Media. <>.

Johnson, P. (12 October 2018). Why Adobe Spark is your next tech tool. JEA Digital Media. <>.

Johnson, P. (10 October 2018). Spark Posts is the way to tell stories right now. JEA Digital Media. <>.

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Johnson, P. (Fall 2017). Going onward and upward. Communication: Journalism Education Today.

Johnson, P. (20 October 2017). Why we write: Scholastic journalism educators on the importance of modeling. Education Week. <>.

Johnson, P. (Summer 2017). Things we like: The Tom Tom. Communication: Journalism Education Today.

Johnson, P. (30 June 2017). Build up your staff’s spotify playlist with these quick ideas. JEA Digital Media. <>.

Johnson, P. (28 June 2017). Why Spotify is your next social media experience. JEA Digital Media. <>.

Johnson, P. (18 January 2017). Using Google Sheets to develop and track media campaigns. JEA Digital Media. <>.

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Johnson, P. (12 July 2012). The man with the ’35 Ford. Old Cars Weekly.

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