Teaching Effectiveness

Included here is a downloadable PDF of my most recent ACE scores. In this document, you will find quantitative and qualitative measures of my teaching success in three courses: Social Media for Social Change, Freedom of Expression (Media Law), and Journalistic Reporting and Writing.

Instructor of Record Teaching Evaluation Scores Fall 2022 (SMSC)

TA Teaching Evaluation Scores Spring 2022 (FoE) / Fall 2021 (JRW)

Included here are responses I’ve received about my teaching and advising from former students at Marquette Univesity, the University of Iowa, and Antioch Community High School.

“Patrick is arguably my favorite TA, if not he is my favorite. He wants his students to learn but he doesn’t sugar coat anything. He prepares us for the real world and we still have years of schooling left. But that is so great because we get a jump on things early, or at least certainly not behind. He is very passionate about what he does and that comes across in his teaching and grading. He understands his students and what is best for them or at least the majority. He may occasionally change what we accomplish in class but it is the same objective and cover the same goals. I could write a novel on Patrick and how great he is. He is great TA who is kind and compassionate, but the thing that is rare is that he communicates this while being real with us. Again going back to he doesn’t soften anything for us. It’s great because I know every grade I got, I earned and put in that effort. Nothing is curved or generously given to me. Everything is fair, and he is fair. I also appreciated how he got grades turned back around in a timely matter. Patrick was always helpful during office hours and really helpful and patient when I sent him a lot of emails. Because Patrick makes everything clear on how he teaches and his views on journalism I felt comfortable not only going to ask him about the world of journalism, but I know he would give me a straight-forward, truthful answer. I was very appreciative of that. There was not one minute of the day where I felt like my time was wasted. I also feel like this was my first experience with a TA who never once showed that they only care about themselves in a sense of teaching this class would only advance themselves by getting paid or on to that next step in their career. Maybe that is because I am just starting to get into upper level courses as supposed to GenEds. Patrick, still shared stuff like that with us but it was more in passing in a natural conversation topic. (again he is very open about himself and I really appreciated that because you are getting the truth) At all times Patrick showed that he not only cared for the well being–including mental health, not just pertaining to this class–but the accomplishments of his students, provided we put in the work. He would even talk about background information about other journalistic concepts that on the surface may not be related to lecture or the topic but after explaining how it connects it gives me more knowledge and to help elevate my writing. Okay, I convinced myself. He is my favorite TA and possibly better than any of any professor I had here or a teacher I had in grade school, and I have been blessed to have some great teachers, and great educators in my schooling since elementary school.”

“Patrick Johnson was one of my favorite journalism professors for his authenticity and way of caring for stories and how they’re told, along with people and how we honor them.”
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“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me! I’ve learned so much from you and I appreciate you very much.”

“I just wanted to thank you for a great experience in class this past semester. You did an amazing job creating a welcoming and personal learning environment even in the midst of a health pandemic! I believe that throughout this semester I made significant growth as a writer and that is in large part thanks to you. The stories you told and the discussions we had in class were always a bright spot in my day.”

“Patrick provided excellent feedback on all of our pieces (if he knew we were going to care about it and learn from it). He used his teaching skills to make lab time better for us. He put a lot of effort into making sure we became better writers and learned the course material. I really like how he had our lab time structured, it flowed well and left us with the graded assignments last. I liked that he gave us the option to leave if we wanted, but he would also stick around and answer any questions.

“Patrick was almost always accessible in office hours. He really wanted to help us get better, and it showed throughout the time we were in lab together. Whenever we worked on assignments in lab, he would walk around and give us great verbal feedback to help us make our work better, which took off some stress when submitting graded assignments.”

“I liked how Patrick, made us get up, walk around, talk to other people and a funny funky form of speed dating. He used all of these quirky but fun aspects that were interactive for us to learn and flush out ideas. I am a better thinker because of these activities and a better writer because of
asking more questions and connecting more dots. I liked how in depth Patrick was when explaining things for everything: his teaching style; his expectations; how he grades. Nothing was left out or
misconstrued. He was such an in depth grader that he made it really clear what I missed points on what I can improve but what I also did well on.”

“Thank you for your assistances during the semester! I’m so glad can be in your class, and I also pleased with my improvements. From being unable to write at first, I now have some confidence in myself! Thank you so much! I will continue to work hard in the future! Have a nice break!”

“talking to Patrick about writing, along with my classmates, helped me learn the most. His passion for the subject and uplifting atmosphere really helped.”

“Patrick was incredibly helpful at a moment’s notice. He is one of those people who grades tough,
but with purpose. The amount of feedback he provided me helped me grow tremendously and
every second with him felt like time well-spent. He was a pleasure to work with, brainstorm with, and learn with. Thank you for a great semester!”

“Patrick’s passion for journalistic writing comes through which makes it such an enjoyable subject to learn about. He cares deeply for the success of his students. Whenever I had a question or needed help, he responded with compassion and useful comments. My writing is 100% better after being in
Patrick’s class.”

“Patrick is the gold standard for educators, always helps everybody and really does genuinely care. I loved having Patrick as my teacher.”

“Truthfully, Patrick may not be for everyone, but he is a perfect fit for that student who wants that constructive criticism, who wants the encouragement, that challenge to get better. He is someone who I can ever want and could hope for in an educator.”

“I had a really good time and experience in this course, aside from your excellent teaching I really enjoyed learning about you and how you made sure everyone had voice in the work we did together as a class. Requiring everyone to share took me out of my comfort zone in a good way.”

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