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  • Utilize classroom creeds for student agency and respect

    Utilize classroom creeds for student agency and respect

    One of the most critical shifts in education can and should be giving students the power to empower one another. Developing a class creed can be done at the beginning of any term, and you won’t regret it. All too often, our syllabi represent one voice–our own. If you stretch that slightly, it also represents… Read more

  • Learning more about students with four corners

    Learning more about students with four corners

    Sometimes I want students to share more of themselves with the class, but I also acknowledge that doing this may be difficult if we focus on individual call-and-response. This activity gives you the opportunity and flexibility to get to know your students in a way that will help them feel seen yet still part of… Read more

  • Constructing strong and sustainable objectives

    Constructing strong and sustainable objectives

    One of the building blocks of curriculum design is the objective or the outcomes and goals instructors want to achieve by the conclusion of a course or an individual lesson. Objectives can also be tied to department-, school-, college-, or university-wide goals and outcomes. This post will first provide a brief primer to Bloom’s Taxonomy,… Read more

  • Implementing gratitude and practicing grace

    Implementing gratitude and practicing grace

    I am certainly someone who has no problem reaching into a bag of elementary teacher tricks to build engagement in class. In fact, I love to find a time or two in the term when I can get students to roll up their sleeves and have a little hands-on fun with the content. One of… Read more

  • How we bowl (academically) with bumpers

    How we bowl (academically) with bumpers

    As many of us encroach on the final weeks of the academic term, finding opportunities for balance becomes increasingly difficult. This post allows us to reflect on our preparation for the end-of-term grind. What is more common than the senior slide? The end-of-semester/trimester/quarter slump. And that slump emerges in many different ways in ourselves and… Read more

  • Revisiting the syllabus: Paths toward successful course design

    Revisiting the syllabus: Paths toward successful course design

    Constructing a syllabus can feel much more daunting of a task than the “syllabus week” sentiment carries. The power packed into that semi-annual document requires significant time and attention. This post provides a seven-step process to think big about your course and transform that thinking into your syllabus. Use this table of contents to jump… Read more

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