Generating buzz with buzz sessions

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a lesson is falling flat or students are struggling to bring the engagement for the day. So this quick post is a quick strategy to get them going again: Buzz Sessions.

What it is: Students come together to generate ideas about a specific topic that are then used to build “buzz” around the conversation.

How to do it:

  1. Give students a singular word or topic.
  2. They use whatever presentation board/screen you have available to then spend five to seven minutes to generate buzz on it about the topic.
  3. One student can be the leader, or they can all use the space together.
  4. Play two songs that get students pumped up; I use them as the timer.
  5. Once students have generated a list, use this list to pick up your discussion.

Why this matters: Sometimes it isn’t you or the classroom that cause a stall in the discussion. We all experience it and it helps us to find a way to pause and get energized again. This quick classroom insert helps you and your students to get up and move, while also creating a quick time limit to generate thoughts and ideas. Think of this like a rapid think-pair-share.

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