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  • Planning for reader success

    Planning for reader success

    Three strategies to improve student preparation for class you can use right now. Planning out readings for my courses is relatively easy. It takes time, but it isn’t a cumbersome process. I’ve learned that the why of what I assigned is reliant on me being explicit about the purpose of what I need students to… Read more

  • HTML code for LMS customization

    HTML code for LMS customization

    Being able to provide students with a one-stop, organized page for daily lessons will increase their ability to perform successfully. It is about removing barriers and hidden curriculum that is often embedded in our course design and LMS functions. It also helps us as teachers to think about our thinking in a way that puts… Read more

  • SYLLABUS: Social Media for Social Change

    SYLLABUS: Social Media for Social Change

    What role do social media and social movements play in the pursuit of more just and equitable futures? UniversityThe University of Iowa | School of Journalism and Mass Communication Course Duration1 semester | 16 weeks Course Overview Individuals and groups use social media to organize, collaborate, and spread their messages to local and global audiences.… Read more

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