Journalistic Reporting & Writing Student

“Patrick is arguably my favorite TA, if not he is my favorite. He wants his students to learn but he doesn’t sugar coat anything. He prepares us for the real world and we still have years of schooling left. But that is so great because we get a jump on things early, or at least certainly not behind. He is very passionate about what he does and that comes across in his teaching and grading. He understands his students and what is best for them or at least the majority. He may occasionally change what we accomplish in class but it is the same objective and cover the same goals. I could write a novel on Patrick and how great he is. He is great TA who is kind and compassionate, but the thing that is rare is that he communicates this while being real with us. Again going back to he doesn’t soften anything for us. It’s great because I know every grade I got, I earned and put in that effort. Nothing is curved or generously given to me. Everything is fair, and he is fair. I also appreciated how he got grades turned back around in a timely matter. Patrick was always helpful during office hours and really helpful and patient when I sent him a lot of emails. Because Patrick makes everything clear on how he teaches and his views on journalism I felt comfortable not only going to ask him about the world of journalism, but I know he would give me a straight-forward, truthful answer. I was very appreciative of that. There was not one minute of the day where I felt like my time was wasted. I also feel like this was my first experience with a TA who never once showed that they only care about themselves in a sense of teaching this class would only advance themselves by getting paid or on to that next step in their career. Maybe that is because I am just starting to get into upper level courses as supposed to GenEds. Patrick, still shared stuff like that with us but it was more in passing in a natural conversation topic. (again he is very open about himself and I really appreciated that because you are getting the truth) At all times Patrick showed that he not only cared for the well being–including mental health, not just pertaining to this class–but the accomplishments of his students, provided we put in the work. He would even talk about background information about other journalistic concepts that on the surface may not be related to lecture or the topic but after explaining how it connects it gives me more knowledge and to help elevate my writing. Okay, I convinced myself. He is my favorite TA and possibly better than any of any professor I had here or a teacher I had in grade school, and I have been blessed to have some great teachers, and great educators in my schooling since elementary school.”